when a cold front hits, put on your flannel

today i had the longest day ever. i woke up around 6 to be at my friend kellee's loft to let the movers in (shes in NY already). my friend rannie had stayed the night, so i talked her into coming along with me but, only in trade for donuts and coffee.
the movers were over 2 hours late, they took forever but they were nice, we took the couch that kellee gave me to the salon (in the pouring rain) had lunch with darin, went back to kellees, helped movers more, found something very funny...cant tell you , had to cancel all my hair appts:( bc there was no time, finish headbands with kelly (my sister) for april's wedding, eat, take a 15 min break to skate outside bc of cold front woo,drink wine, blog, now i must sleep. heres my pic for the day.