white flowers, no showers, and faux fur

my saturday was lovely. a cool front came in, looked like it might rain but didn't. i went on location to do wedding hair for 4 people including the beautiful bride. i was lucky bc this family was so freaking awesome, best humor, and super laid back all day! april had the spunkiest grandparents id ever met.
one minor set back was that i forgot my outfit for the wedding so i had to call jacob to bring it to me...ooops, not a quick drive either(at least an hour drive one way) 
jacob had a show that night so he had to rush over my outfit, meet his mom, the she brought it to me...lifesavers!

pics 1-3 are her flower arrangements (beautiful)
pic 4 is my outfit and pic of the day (sat) strapless play suit, faux fur vest.

being at that wedding really made me want to get into the wedding business even more now..not just the wedding hair industry, but the decor part. ive got quite a colection.

one of the prettiest weddings ive been to, and ive been to a lot! great live music too!