celebrities at coachella 2010

i didn't go looking for celebrities while at coachella bc well it's not my thing but while i was snapping photos of the crowd i was lucky and got two shots of celebrities.
i spy whitney

i spy whitney port (the city). she is even prettier and taller in person.
right before this photo was taken i saw my high school crush....scott speedman...aka " Ben Covington" from the show felicity. time actually paused and for 5 seconds we made eye contact. i totally felt like felicity and i didn't know what to do or where to look, all i knew was that i couldn't take a picture bc i didn't want to be annoying. i mean we are all there for the music, not to be stalked. sigh...
oh and incase your wondering...he was super dreamy in jeans and a plaid shirt... 

anne hathaway and adam shulman
anne hathaway and her bf adam shulman?

yeah this was weird. i took this photo because i was loving her outfit. it wasn't til i was in the car on the way home looking through my camera and asked jacob and justin if the girl looked familiar...they were like, "thats the girl..the one from devil wears prada." omg it is her. i was puzzled bc she doesn't normally dress like this. i looked online later to find a similar pic of them. click here for more.

i also saw keelan lutz (twilight), and roxy olin (the city) at the porta potties. celebrities gotta pee too!
i swear i saw kristen stewart laying in the grass but it was dark...but i looked online and saw her outfit 
and it was the same so...

thats all folks!!!

more coachella posts coming soon....