people of coachella 2010: what the heck!

wow. i've seen a lot in my day but at COACHELLA pretty much anything goes here. costumes, pasties, thongs, cottage cheese on display....

im really curious about what the children 10 and under thought about all the crazies running around. for us, it was very entertaining, just walking around coachella was worth the money alone. it was like going into a comedy club, a time warp, lala land. conversation never died, and the laughter never stopped

questions that kept coming:
do you know where i can get drugs?
do you guys sell acid?
where can i get some crank? or pills? WTH are you serious? what's crank?!!
i need acid! help me find some!
do you sell mdma? what the heck is that?
shoes + speedo = awesome
have you seen notting hill with julia roberts? well this looks like spike's twin sister.
no mam. this is how i imagine moms who still wanna be teeny boppers.
look at guys face.
i am all for yoga but do you really have to wear those shorts in front of a crowd and bend over in our faces? check out the guys face behind them. he is in heaven! hahaha
head rush
what this is completely normal people! i always do this. she was up in position for a long long time. my head would of exploded.
i'm not a hater but seriously? did you really think that was cute, sexy, or classy? underwear sticks out accidently all the time, but this..this was on purpose. BUTTON YOUR PANTS YOUNG LADY! that awful trend has been over since 1992!
if you recycled 10 empty bottles you get 1 bottle of water free. this girl must of really wanted some free water. she was serious!
a real life modern day gypsy! crazy outfit. pretty face.
ok so ummm. im shaking my head right now! WHY!!! we(women) all have some cottage cheese but do we flaunt it as much as this lady? no! if you have dimples on your bum DONT WEAR BUNS bearing bottoms. people with cheese can look cute too. THIS IS NOT HOW! wear a sundress and cover that up!
she must be from brasil. looks like a reef butt. you know what im talking about. page 3 in the surf mags.
this girl was loving life and why wouldn't she.
i feel like a nun compared to these ladies. i mean i cover up unless im at the beach or a pool. they don't give a ____!
to see if this guy was ok someone shouted "the cops are coming!" and this guy shot up faster than a bullet
see the neon man dancing? there was a blue man and a purple man too!
i will be back with more coachella pics later! i still have so much more to share!
cute style post of coachella coming soon:)