UPDATE: Our Coconut Record Video, "i am young"

remember we made this video for the contest in january. well they finally picked a winner. it wasn't us, but thats ok.
they picked this video.  the funny route.
but...they are using our video. so if you live in or near LA check it out this weekend! and if you do go please take some photo's! im so sad that i can't see it. it sounds awesome!
here's what the email said.
Coconut Records got asked to be a part of an art installation and we
wanted to include your video (as one of our favorites) as part of that
installation. Your video along with Jason's and other finalists will  
looped to play on old school, vintage tv sets as part of Coconut's
Let me know too if you can send me your video too through  
or something similar. I really don't want to use a ripped version from
the internets.

jeremy, ryder, and amy
Poketo + Kitsune Noir presents a group exhibition of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, I'm Yours
When: April 24th to May 15, 2010
Where: Space15Twenty Gallery, Hollywood, Next to Amoeba and Urban
Poketo and KitsuneNoir.com are teaming up to present a group  
at Space15Twenty Gallery beginning April 24th. The show is titled,  
"Los Angeles, I'm Yours". This will be a concept show that blurs fine art  
This show will be an incredible collection of Los Angeles artists
contributing their work to an unprecedented celebration of the weird  
wonderful culture of Los Angeles. How best to capture this? The world
famous flea markets of Los Angeles! There is a truly original  
culture in
LA's flea markets. The flea market can be an incredible medium to
celebrate the diverse creativity of the city's numerous working